Custom Modular Buildings in Edmonton and Throughout Western Canada

Completion of any given modular structure takes 7 to 10 days once its scheduled production run has commenced. Northgate Industries Ltd. employs a highly qualified staff of drafting and design technologists that initiate this process.

Northgate Industries Ltd. will design Custom Modular Buildings for Your Remote Work Project

The drafting and design technologists work closely with every client to tailor their unique requirements, from conceptual design to the drafting of system drawings and specifications. Northgate’s superior knowledge of domestic and international code requirements, combined with unique space-saving designs, ensure custom projects result in comfortable, efficient, and safe workforce applications throughout the world.

Nationally and internationally, Northgate Industries Ltd. has handled design for custom modular buildings. Edmonton is where you will find our facilities well equipped to assist you through the designing process. To begin designing custom modular buildings with our team, give us a call.