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September 21, 2018
Modular Constructions

Modular Constructions 101

Image source: Modular construction is the latest construction process wherein about 80% of building blocks (like roofs, walls, etc.) are constructed offsite. These modular blocks are then brought to the original sites. Finally, these building blocks are joined on the original location with the onsite construction using heavy equipment to complete the […]
September 16, 2018
Using A Portable Office

Benefits Of Using A Portable Office

September 14, 2018
Rise of Modular Constructions

The Rise and Rise of Modular Constructions

Image source: Modular constructions are a specialized type of construction wherein most of the sections (modules) are constructed offsite in an assembly (factory type) production. These prefabricated modules are then carried to the construction site and fixed with each other to complete the building process. The rise of Modular Constructions Nature […]
September 7, 2018
modular construction

Time taken to prepare a modular construction

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of modular construction is the fact that these structures are built faster than traditional structures. There is a misconception about modular construction that since it takes less time to construct a modular structure, the quality is compromised. But, the fact is that though it […]
September 1, 2018
modular structures

How Modular Buildings are More Sustainable than Traditional Ones

Modular construction has changed the face of construction process dramatically in the past few decades. Many modular building companies are observing a rise in the demands of modular structures due to its benefits over traditional construction process – they are cheaper, can be erected in a shorter duration of time, […]
August 20, 2018
Modular Constructions

A brief history of modular buildings

When it comes to the construction of buildings,  we have seen immense progress and advancements. If you notice, the primitive method of construction, then it involved laborers carrying raw materials on their head or back, working hard day and night, and manually assembling everything to create the final building. Today, […]
August 10, 2018
Modular construction

The 6 step modular building construction process

Modular construction is transforming the conventional construction process. Unlike the conventional construction process, modular construction involves fabrication of buildings and structures in a closed facility. The modules created in a controlled environment are transported to the site for installation to form a complete structure. Let us explore the modular building […]
August 6, 2018
Modular Buildings

Interesting Facts About Modular Buildings

August 1, 2018
Restroom Trailer

Why Do You Need a Restroom Trailer for Your Outdoor Event

A restroom is the fundamental need of people at every outdoor event. If you are planning an outdoor event, be it a corporate or an entertainment event, restrooms are an important aspect on your arrangements checklist. Typically, you have two options when it comes to an outdoor event – portable […]
August 1, 2018
modular construction

Fact vs Myths – Misconceptions Surrounding Modular Construction

With significant advantages in the construction technology, modular construction has improved exponentially. Now, permanent modular construction is seen at par with conventional construction, which is a clear indication of how durable modular construction is. Not only durable, but modular construction is also affordable, less time consuming, energy efficient, and sustainable. […]
July 26, 2018
Modular Constructions

Is Modular Construction the Future?

With the growing acceptance of modular construction across the globe, the world is moving towards energy efficient, faster, sustainable, safe, and a feasible mode of construction. The construction industry is at its tipping point with the advent of modular construction. Countries like North America, China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and India […]
July 16, 2018
Modular Building Facts

Did You Know These Facts About Modular Buildings?

Many people think that the concept of a modular structure is new. But, few know that this has been around for a long time. Like this misconception, there are many unknown facts about modular construction still lingering around. The concept of modular construction is not a well-kept secret anymore. Instead, […]
July 9, 2018
Modular Construction

Prefab, Modular, and Off-Site Construction – Are they the same?

The concept of offsite, prefabricated, and modular construction isn’t new. With the growing technological advancements in the construction industry, the world has been reintroduced to cost-effective and faster alternatives to traditional construction. These alternatives are called as offsite, prefab, or modular by people. But, these terms don’t mean the same. […]
July 4, 2018
Office Trailers in Edmonton

The Step by Step Process of Constructing an Office Trailer

July 4, 2018
Modular Building Companies

Have a Project at a Remote Location? A Modular Building is Your Way Out

When you have a project at a remote location, traditional methods of construction may not be a good choice. Building a structure at a remote site using the conventional approach is time-consuming and probably not cost efficient. Gathering the raw materials, transporting them, storing them and keeping material surplus adds […]
June 21, 2018
Modular Building Companies

5 Methods Of Prefabricated Construction

Surely, most of you know that prefabricated modular structures are built, assembled, and conjoined together within a giant warehouse with efficient industrial practices. These structures are then transported to the desired location and laid out on a suitable foundation. With this blog, we intend to give you a peek into […]
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